Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
You know sometimes what we are seein' aint always what is happening. What I mean is we don't always know all the particulars of what's goin' on.
Last week Bro. Ben Shorter was on his way into town when he ran out of gas. He wasn't there very long when old Bodie Barlow who lives out in the country came by in his old pick-up truck.
He said he was in kind of a hurry to get home so he couldn't run the preacher to town to get gas but he would siphon some out of his truck if they could find something to put it in.
Old Bodie usually has a truck load of junk (he sells scrap iron in addition to his hog business) and you might find just about anything in it. It goes without saying that he had a siphon hose behind his seat but he didn't have a can or a jug of any kind. He finally rummaged around under all kinds of metal and junk and came out with a bed pan.
He looked it over real good and decided it was clean enough and it didn't have any holes in it and decided it would hold enough gas to get the preacher to town.
"Now preacher I've got to git goin' cause I need to git home and pick up Claudette. She's got a doctor's appointment cause she's been feelin' kinda run down lately. I will siphon this bed pan full of gas and I got a funnel here and you can pour it in your tank. I know you don't want that gas smell in your car so when you get through just leave the old bed pan and the funnel over there by that stump and I'll pick it up later."
Old Bodie siphoned the bed pan full of gas then jumped in his truck and drove off leaving the preacher there with that funnel and bed pan full of gas. Just as he was pouring the gas into the funnel a car drove by and the driver saw the preacher filling his gas tank from a bed pan. He hollered out the window and said, "Now Preacher, that's what I call faith."
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. Not only can we not believe all we hear, sometimes we can't believe what we see either.
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  1. wonder why the preacher didn't just use the siphon hose to get the gas into his car. oh yeah I see.


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