Thursday, August 7, 2008


One of the good things about livin' in a small community like Gatorhead is that everybody knows everybody else. One of the bad things about living in a small community is that everybody knows everybody else. A lot of the people in the community are kin and some folks say that the gene pool ain't real deep.

Another thing about a small community is that you can still get someone to leave their place of business to come out and fix things. Bernice who owns and operates the Perty Primp beauty and barber shop is as nice as she can be but sometimes things just come to her a little slower than they do other people. She does a real good job with hair but technical things give her pretty much leave her confused.

She was on her way to the beauty shop the other day and pulled up to the stop sign and her engine died. She tried to crank it until she almost ran her battery down and finally decided to call Scoot, owner and cheif mechanic at Scoot's Repair Shop. Scoot jumped in his old tow truck to go see what the problem was. Scoot insists that you call it a tow truck and not a wrecker, "I tow a lot of people but it ain't my intent to wreck nothin'."

When he got to the stop sign Bernice was just standin' beside the car lookin' frustrated. Scoot and her exchanged cordial greetings and Scoot slipped behind the wheel to see what happened when he tried to crank it. It sounded fine and he looked down and saw that the gas guage was past empty.

"Bernice," he said, "You have done completely run out of gas. It don't look like you have a drop in the tank."

Bernice looked real concerned, "Will it tear it up to run it like that?"

It was all Scoot could do to keep from losing it but he contained himself real well, "Naw, I've got some in the truck to get you down to the Grab Sum Grub but it'll run a whole lot better if you go ahead and fill it up."

I guess Scoot realized he better not make fun of her. He was needin' a haircut pretty soon and if he hurt her feelin's or made her mad he might be the one gettin' laughed at.

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  1. now it looks like scoot's been thinkin' too. down at the quick blow and go beauty shop it ain't a good idea to make the operators mad


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