Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
I've been noticing people for a long time and one thing I have discovered is that people have different standards of living and a lot of time it has nothin' to do with income. I've known pore folk who kept their house spotless and I've known rich folk who couldn't find an empty spot to lay something down in a big old house where you think there would be plenty of space.
I was talking to old Doc and he was tellin' me that Bodie Barlowe brought his wife Claudette in the other day because she was feelin kind of run down. Doc said he examined her and all he could really tell was that she was nearly totally exhausted which I can believe. Livin' with Bodie and all their younguns, I ain't exactly sure how many they have, would be enough to wear anybody down. Doc said he went in to tell Bodie what the diagnosis was and he said, "Bodie, your wife don't look too good to me."
Bodie jumped in right there and said, "She don't look so good to me either Doc, but she's right good to me and the younguns."
Doc went on to explain that he meant health wise she didn't look so good and he told Bodie that she needed to get away from him and the kids so she could get some rest for a couple of weeks. Doc said Bodie was real understanding and he said he would send her up to her folks home in Tennessee for two weeks.
About halfway through the second week Lonzo came by and said he had been out to Bodie's place to buy a pig for a big barbecue they are going to have at his next fishin' tournament.He said in the two weeks that Claudette have been gone he don't reckon that Bodie or the younguns have cleaned up a thing. He knocked on the door when he got there and three pigs ran out the door. Lonzo asked, "Have you been lettin' them pigs stay in the house while Claudette was gone?"
"Yeah, I reckon I'll have to keep up out when she gets back thought." Bodie answered.
"Well you know keepin' the pigs in there ain't sanitary don't you?"
Bodie looked around his livin' room and said, "Yeah, it's a mess alright but I don't think it'll hurt them pigs none."
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. When Claudette gets back she ought to get her a two by four and help to raise Bodie's and them younguns standards a little.
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