Thursday, September 23, 2010


These two better not be Monkeying around. There real business at the moment is monkey business and they had better shine. That's right George... Monkey Shines.

Tomorrow will be a special presentation of a Creatures of Habit comic because that is all I have in stock to upload. At this time when I would usually put something up for Saturday and Sunday I have nothing. Hopefully by the time you read this I will have some comics. (If I can ever get out of the library and go home to start drawing). I really don't know what kind of turns the story will take next week because I haven't written or drawn the comics yet but somewhere in my mind I see Crusher, Buster, Hank, Shirley, and possibly Senator Rebate.... along with maybe the Colonel forming an alliance to keep the MIG from takin' Shirley. I might have to make an appearance somewhere myself and bring along Kurt and Burt to boot.

All options are open since I have no Idea where to go from here. I am pretty sure that Winston the Wise and Warren The Weather Wolf will not take part in this continuing but bogged down saga.

I am sure this is a case of TMI but hey... It didn't cost y'all nothin'.


  1. Hey Bo, I haven't been keeping up with your Blogger blog much, mostly been visiting on your Wordpress blog but I have just been scrolling, scrolling, scrolling & clicking the older posts button & have found the very 1st Men In Grey episode so I am going to start reading from back then to get up to date on what's been happening with the storyline

  2. So no monkeying around on the monkey watch. Sounds like alot of monkey fun.

  3. It takes some monkeys to watch a monkey - at least in this case, I guess! :)

  4. OK I've been all the way from episode 1 to here. It took a few days but now am totally up to date with the story so far. Great story Bo I'm really enjoying it

  5. Those guys had better keep an eye on the monkey, that's for sure.


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