Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scary Lady

Seems like Crump may realize when he is gettin' in over his head. For someone who was so disinterested in Boss Haws' office he seems to be making some progress.

With all my internet problems of late... mainly not having my own access and the ones I have been using are on the blink my postings might seem a little off schedule. Hey it's a holiday week and things are messed up all over so gimme a break and just read everything and if you are confused go back and read it over. If that doesn't work contact all your friends and have them all read everything twice and then you can all discuss it in the comments section. There will be a test at the end of the semester.

More Rednecks. More Fun.


  1. If I read twice, do I get extra credit?

  2. Crusher may not be as dumb as one would think. And neither is this guy. I like this story, Bo!

  3. Yeah, I think if a guy named "Crusher" was scared of a lady I wouldn't have stepped one step in her house to begin with. The men in Gray are starting to appear more like the men in Yellow. :) I know they'll be glad to find that Monkey and get back home.

  4. Ha! I know I'm scared! And a test, too?! Man - it's been one nerve-wracking day so far! :)

  5. A test YIKES! I tried to comment on the post above my head but for some reason the comment part did not work. Maybe a glitch.

  6. Good Grief!!! Mildred really is one tough old bat


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