Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's In A Name?

I wonder if dad and his son are going to wind up having to live up to their names. It might be worth coming back to find out.
And by the way... for those of you who are real artists and notice all the mistakes in the drawings of us amatuers... I finally realized that I forgot to draw Crumps feet. I personally apologize to you and especially to Crump. I will have him a foot by the next time you see him, I promise.


  1. Maybe you should just change his name to Stump.

  2. Actually I like it... Stump Crump.

  3. They think the name is scarry. Just wait till they see ol Buster. Lol

  4. Maybe his foot just went for a short walk?!
    I never even noticed by the way. Go figure, right?! :)

  5. And keep your weapons drawn for good measure. :)

  6. Maybe they should wear a helmet to protect THEIR skulls


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