Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ain't That Weird?

The Men In Gray might be gettin' in deeper than they ever imagined. And then again I might be writin' myself into a corner. I have to do some brain cramp thinkin' to make this all come to an end somewhere. I am open for suggestions on this storyline. I like to get you all involved.
The Gatorhead site is still on Hiatus until I can get some time to organize... like I have ever been organized before but now it is becoming a problem.


  1. They need to find that Lumpkin character. He seems to be behind all this.

  2. Yeah, I'm thinkin' he might help Crusher and the Colonel save Shirley. Maybe some of my talented readers have some suggestions on how they would like this storyline to go. I would love to hear them.

  3. From the statue they should follow the pigeon droppings back to its storage spot.

  4. Hahaha - glad I'm not the only one who has likely been exposed to some weird water! :)

  5. Somehow the Twlight Zone comes to mind.

  6. "If weird was water..."

    I've never heard that one before, but I love it. :)


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