Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who's That Knockin' at the Door?

Remember, a wise monkey doesn't monkey with another monkey's monkey. Them are words to live by. Looks like tomorrow we will be seeing the first meeting of Hank, Buster and the Men In Gray. Be sure to come back for a new comic with more panels.


  1. So Hank is about to start Monkeying around. Will Gatorhead survive the ensuing chaos? Will the men in Gray make it out of Gatorhead alive? Will Shirley get to live out the life of freedom she wants, driving a bull dozer all day? Will Bo Lumpkin turn out to be The Crusher? Will I ever stop asking so many questions? I can't wait to see who's at the door.

  2. Ahhh...a perfect case of monkey business.

    Or is it monkey shines?

  3. It's hard to beat a monkey who means business! :)

  4. more to this monkey than meets the eye.


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