Sunday, February 22, 2009

These are the last two (I think) articles that Rambler published for me. I am uploading them together because I have a lot of new comics for next week. Be sure and check out Rambler's blog.


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
Before the election people everywhere were hollerin' for change. Both candidates seemed to have change as the main plank on their platform. What they never admitted was change was comin' no matter who got elected. When change comes you don't have to push it, you don't have to promote it, and you don't have to campaign for it. If change is comin' and you don't get out of the way it will run you down like a herd of buffalo. If you don't beleive that just ask the Indians. I know it is now politically correct to call them Native Americans but I respect them enough to call them what they were called for hundreds of years, and as far as that goes I am a Native American, I was born here and I ain't never been nowhere else so I reckon that makes me native.
I was talkin' to a man the other day about change. He said things sure had changed for him. Two months ago he was drivin' a $60,000 car and now he's ridin' a $400,000 dollar bus. He said he was hopin' things would change so he didn't have to work so hard and sure enough now that he's layed off he don't have to work so hard.
People keep saying we need a change in education. They keep sayin' that we need better teachers. That might be true in some cases but it would help if we had better students and their mamas and daddies would make 'em behave and get their lessons.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin' change is comin'. I reckon I ought to change too so I'm goin' to try and do better. Whatchall been thinkin' about? Just leave a comment or write me an email at or

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