Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. Somebody ought to write up a list of rules for people who are going into the hospital to help them make it through with as little permanent damage as possible.
I met some mighty fine people while I was in there. The nurse in the pre-operation and the recovery area was just wonderful.
I had made up my mind before I went in to be positive and nice to everyone and for the first couple of days I pretty much made it. I even made friends while I was in there. I really liked Justin. Justin's job is to shave all the hair off of you where they are goin' to operate. Justin obviously enjoys his work because he is friendly and smiles a lot and sometimes he even laughs as he is shaving little designs in your chest hair. I don't remember his last name but I just call him Justin the Shaver. If attitude makes a difference I think Justin the Shaver has a great future in his field.
There was another one(which I wasn't particularly fond of) who was especially dedicated to her job. She was the lady who came around to weigh me twice a day. It was painful to get up and painful to lay back down but that did not deter her in the least. She was determined to weigh me twice a day regardless of how much pain it caused me. Now that's dedication.
The pain probably would not have been so bad if I had pain medication. There was one of them little buttons on my IV which I was supposed to push when I was in pain. I kept telling my nurses that I wasn't getting anything from it and they kept telling me that they could not give me anymore until the doctor came around.(That was at about 3:30 pm the next day)Luckily the thing started beeping and a nurse(not one of mine) passing by heard it and came in to check. She looked at it and asked me if I had been getting my pain medicine. I told here I didn't think so. "No wonder," she said, "This thing is not working," and she fixed it in about a minute. That was at 8:00 PM the day of the surgery.
I would give more details but after the nurse fixed the pain medicine dispenser things are kind of blurry.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin' the best way to recover from surgery is if things are kind of blurry and you can't remember much.

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