Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. One of the things I try to think of before I leave the house or before I answer the door is to put my dentures in. I ain't a vain person but a toothless smile can throw you off guard.
I ran into Old Odis Walker the other day and I noticed he didn't have his teeth in. He was having a little trouble talkin' which is sure hard on Old Odis but it didn't stop him from tryin'. Knowin' that there ought to be a good story behind why he wasn't wearin' his teeth I had to ask," Odis, why ain't you got your teeth in?"
"I lost them in the river," he said, "I hooked into a big old catfish on my trot-line and was trying to pull him in when I fell out of the boat. As soon as I hit that cold water I blew out real hard and just spit them teeth plumb out. It's a shame I ain't a Baptist Preacher though."
"I hate it about your teeth but why is it a shame you aren't a Baptist Preacher?"
"If I was a Baptist Preacher I could just tie me a chicken leg on a line and throw it out near where I lost them teeth and they would find it and bite into it for sure."
I didn't see Odis for a day or two but when I did he smiled real big and he had his teeth in. "I see you bought some new teeth," I said.
"Naw," he grinned, "These are my old teeth."
"How did you get them back?"
"I was runnin' my lines the other day and I pulled in this little old five pound flathead and shore enough there he was smilin' at me with my own teeth."
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin', them teeth sure did look brand new to me. Whatchall been thinkin'. Leave me a comment or write me an email at or

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