Tuesday, February 17, 2009


R.E. Cline here with your couch potatoe report. We all need CPR from time to time.

Well, the Pro-Bowl is over. Football is gone until the preseason starts August 9th. As far as all-star games go I thought that this year's pro-bowl was a good one. I thought the superbowl was exactly that, Super. It was kind of a ho-hum game up until the fourth quarter and then it turned into a great game.

Enough of the positive stuff though. What happened to the days when the superbowl commercials were something special. They gave out millions of pairs of 3-d glasses for the special 3-d advertisement right at half time. I have no idea what those commercials were about because I was so busy concentrating on trying to see the special effects(which I never did) that I could not concentrate on the message. The 3-d commercial was a flop and I don't remember any of the other commercials so I guess they weren't too special either.
Speaking of commercials, one of the city furniture stores has advertised "The Furniture Event of the Year." Just what is a furniture event? It sounds like the Musical Chair National Championships to me. Where do they come up with the names for their sales anyway?
About every two weeks the Auto Dealerships come out with the biggest sales "event" ever. If they keep getting bigger and better why are they all in Washington trying to get a handout from the government?
One last note on sales. If I buy anything I like to buy it from Clarence. You know Clarence, he has sales in most stores and he usually has a big red sign(which they often misspell) that says "Clarence Sale". Now when Clarence has a sale at the Bass Pro Shop that is what I call a sporting event.
Ya'll keep watchin' TV and let me know if you see anything interesting. I'm just trying to survive until March Madness Begins. Keep on Checking Bo for the latest CPR by R.E. Cline.


  1. have you seen the little girl fussing at her mom about feeding her minced fish. "have you ever caught a minced fish?"

    also the lady telling the man his butt just called her. she nagged a little too long and he raised up and sat back down and said, "my butt just hung up on you"

    aannnnd did you see Bill OReilly and Whoopi's interview? They are exact polar opposites and were actively remaining so calm and civil I think they must have taken sedatives before the interview. I was sorely dissapointed, I expected them to roll on the floor

  2. I did finally see the one about the phone call. I am still looking for the minced fish


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