Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
Boomer stopped by the other day for a chat. He usually comes by and visits two or three times a week. We ain't kin but he calls me Uncle Bo. I mentioned one time that I really did enjoy him coming by to visit and he said, "I like visiting with you Uncle Bo, you treat me like a real person."
I guess we have to be careful around younguns or we will forget that they are real people as much or maybe even more than we are.
Boomer was kind of down in the dumps and he just sat there real quiet for awhile and I finally asked him what was wrong. "Uncle Bo, I was just thinkin' how good it would be if you could pick your own family like you do your friends." I laughed and said, "Are you having trouble with your family Boomer."
"A little I guess," he answered, "Don't get me wrong I love my brother and my sister but they sure can get on my nerves. I used to think Arlis was the smartest boy in the world and could do about anything. It is amazing how much dumber he gets as we both get older. He likes to pick on me but I usually get even with him without him even knowing it. He may be bigger that me but I outsmart him a lot." I asked, "What about Clymenestra, don't your and her get along pretty good?" "She don't pick on me like Arlis but all her complaining and arguing and ranting and raving and wanting to be an activist and all gets kind of tiresome. She is always telling all of us what we ought to be doing to make the world a better place and all." I said, "Well, Clymenestra sure can be outspoken."
Boomer sighed and said, "I guess she could be outspoken but I sure don't know who could outspeak her."
I guess Boomer had a point. There are a lot of outspoken people I know that would be hard to outspeak too.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
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  1. I know a few people like that myself.


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