Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. Every community needs a meetin' place for the menfolk to gather and drink coffee and solve the problems of the world. In Gatorhead we all get together at the Grab Sum Grub. The crowd kind of rotates in an out but you can usually see the same faces most days and they certainly are the good, the mad, and the ornery. They are all good men, most are usually mad about one thing or the other, usually politics, taxes, gas prices or the weather, and most of them have an ornery streak.
Odis Walker is probably one of the orneriest of the bunch. I guess living by himself down by the river in that old remodeled school bus has caused him to have a few rough edges.
We were all sittin' there drinkin' coffee the other day when Bro. Ben Shorter came in. Odis piped up and said,"Ya'll need to watch yer language now since the preacher is here."
Bro. Shorter never slacked up he just grabbed him a cup of coffee and sat down and said, "Don't clean up your language on my account, I guess the Lord has to hear it all the time."
Everyone got a laugh out of that but I guess Odis had a point. It's strange that people will act a certain way in front of a preacher and never consider that the Lord is watching them all time. Odis thought about it for a few minutes and said,"I guess you are right preacher. But you know fer a fact that people do watch their language more around a preacher. I remember when I was a little boy my daddy used to go to town in a wagon pulled by a team of mules. From the time he left the house till the time he got home he was cussin' them mules to get them to do right.
One day he was late coming home and we was beginning to worry about him. He finally came in about two hours later than usual and and Ma asked him why he was so late, 'Well, he said, I was on my way home from town and the preacher was walking back to the church and I stopped to give him a ride. From the time he got in that wagon them mules never understood a word I said to 'em."
I reckon we ought to always remember that the Lord deserves more respect than the preacher so maybe we ought to watch our language all the time.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'

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