Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Do you think maybe Mildred does have a soft spot in her heart?
Do you think Buster really has that many problems or does he just handle things better than we do?
Will the meeting with Crusher be awkward for them?
Can the NCAA really tell players what they can paint under their eyes?
More Rednecks. More Fun.


  1. Under their eyes or eyelids??? I can't believe someone hasn't gotten a Nike logo put in their contact lens.

  2. They will probably let you advertise they just don't want you to use a Bible Verse.

  3. Sure you can use a Bible verse...if you're advertising for the IRS a good is Matthew 22:21 where Jesus' says "Pay Taxes".

  4. PS.. I think Buster has a totally awesome personality.. if he would just clean himself up and get a real job, (and maybe be an actually person) I'd totally date him..

  5. By the way Bo, Yes I know those guys from the respective syndicates.

  6. Tracy- I will talk to Buster about cleaning up his act and then maybe I will introduce you.

    MJ- I love the drama. I just hope the humor doesn't get lost in the drama...also-The only people I know who are associated with a syndicate are usually packing heat.

  7. I gotta' tell you, Bo ... I'm getting really excited to see how this meeting goes! :)


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