Monday, April 6, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
One of the things I've been thinkin' a lot about and I done wrote about it several times is the economy. I keep hearin' that we have a worldwide financial crisis.
All week the President and First Lady have been sashayin' all over Europe, meetin' with the Queen and conferencing with other Presidents, Kings, Dictators and Potentates. Just to put it in simple terms it looks like to me that the world is goin' down the tubes financially and all the world leaders are jet settin' all over the world and Partyin' like rock stars.
Do you reckon ain't none of them or the people they got workin' for them ever heard of teleconferencing. Shoot I got a little old $300 netbook computer that has a web-cam and I could talk to folks face to face all over the world if I just knew how to use it, and I will figure it out. They ought to know of someone in the government who could set up a thing like that and then they wouldn't have to haul 5 or 6 hundred people all over the world and feed 'em and put 'em up in hotels and all.
I don't like to be one to complain but I just think a little common sense should go with the job of leadin' our country. As the old sayin' goes if a man will watch his millions his billions and trillions will take care of themselves. I just want to say to all the world leaders, Hey, ya'll just pick up the phone and reach out and touch each other. If you don't agree instead of walkin' out of a meetin' you can just hang up.
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  1. They are trying to stimulate their economies.
    Common sense and government are mutually exclusive.

  2. how else you reckon we gonna know how awesome michelle is. could you have missed her hugging the queen? aren't you impressed that she left the kids all weekend to compare fashion with France model
    1st lady, but rushed home to get them back to school. I reckon the bus or chauffer don't come by their house. Don't matter none that Korea sent out a missle or why. The president had to get his rest from rubbing elbows with the big wigs so he could tell Turkey we would never fight a muslim nation. We got to see yet another sash like thing around Michelle's waist to try to disguise her fat ass. Bo are your priorities in order?


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