Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
Life in Gatorhead is simple and kind of relaxed and we don't get a whole lot of excitement, and mostly we like it that way. If anything excitin' does happen we get a lot of mileage out of it.
Ya'll know some of the Gatorhead folks better than others. Maybelle and Lonzo are the parents of Alis, Clymenestra and Boomer. Since Spring has sprung Lonzo is gone a good bit because of the professional fishing tournaments but he happened to be at home one day last week while Maybelle was at work and the kids were in school.
An encyclopedia salesman came by. (I'm figuring anyone trying to sell an encyclopedia in this day and age must be about as desperate as they come for a way to make a living.)
The salesman was really very prepared for every objection that Lonzo had. He told the salesman that they didn't need it because they had the internet and the salesman reminded him that it wasn't just the just the information that was important but it helped the kids remember it if they looked it up.
Finally Lonzo got tired of listening too him and said, "I absolutely do not need an encyclopedia of any kind."
The salesman said, "What if there is something you really would like to know and there is no power and you can't get on the internet?"
"Then," Lonzo said, "I'll just ask my wife. She knows it all. Now you have a good day."
I think the salesman must have called it a day because he left Lonzo's house and drove plumb out of town headed back toward the city.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
It's time for you to start thinkin' about the Gator Awards. I will be listing some of the categories and the nominations for the awards(mostly I do the nominatin and just about everyone will get nominated). There will be several comic categories. You can go ahead and start thinking about the winners.
The first category is Comic Dialogue.
Nominees are:
Kurt and Burt
R.E. and Dee Cline (CPR)
The Girls
Hoss and Sarge
You can vote by either leaving a comment or by sending an email. I probably will not publish the winners until voting is final in all categories. Remember we are almost like democrats in this contest, there are no voting requirements and you can vote early and often.


  1. I am voting twice for CPR. Since I grew up about 100 miles from Chicago, consider my vote the Daley Double.

  2. i'm with steve. 2 here for cpr also

  3. I like Kurt and Burt alot.


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