Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. Seniority don't always mean a whole lot. Just cause someone has been around a long time don't mean they know more than everyone else. I've known lots of people who thought they had 30 years experience when really all they had was one year experience 30 times.
Boomer came by about lunchtime the other day and I offered him a sandwich. He ate it like he was starvin' and I gave him another one so he could eat it slow enough to taste a little. "You sure do seem like you are awful hungry," I said.
"Yes sir," he explained, "Mom's gone to a fishin' tournament with dad and Clymenestra is doin' the cookin' for us."
"Well," I asked, "Can't Clymenestra cook."
"No, sir, she must think the smoke alarm is the timer for her cooking."
I asked, "Are ya'll staying by yourselves while your parents are gone?"
"Yes sir, they said Arlis is 17 and Clymenestra is 13 and I'm 8 so we ought to be alble to take care of ourselves. I guess I had better get on home now."
"Are you afraid they'll worry about you?" I asked.
"No sir, I just don't like to leave 'em alone without somebody to watch after 'em."
I am Bo Lumpkin' and I been thinkin', sometimes in some groups the youngest might be the wisest. Whatchall think?


  1. Age doesn't indicate wisdom.

  2. and wisdom surely doesn't indicate age..."out of the mouth of babes"


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