Monday, March 9, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
Dirt farmin' ain't what it used to be. I remember when I was a youngun' growin'up we used to talk about people who were just poor old dirt farmers. Sometimes we would make the joke that the reason they were poor was that there just wasn't a market for dirt since the world was made of it.
I have a feeling now that dirt farmers might not be so poor anymore. My wife was potting some flowers and said she needed some potting soil and topsoil for the flowers. I said, "Fine, the world is made of dirt you should be able to find plenty right out there in the yard."
"That's not what I need. I want you to go down to the feed and seed store and buy me a bag of topsoil and a bag of potting soil."
I recognized the look that she gave me and decided not to make any comments. I just went to the feed and seed store and bought the dirt. It came packed in plastic bags with nice printin' on the outside and after I saw the price I knew why they spared no expense on the packaging. I drove home and put the two bags of dirt on the porch and went inside. I turned and stared out the window at the fallen leaves and the rich black soil beneath them on my lot.
I must have been thinkin' for awhile because my wife asked me why I was standin' there and starin' out the window. I answered, "I was just wonderin' where they get them plastic bags that they put that dirt in to sell."
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin' that dirt farmin ain't what it used to be. I reckon that if you put about anything in a plastic bag with nice print you can sell it for a profit. Whatchall been thinkin?
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  1. Kind of sounds like what's happening in Washington, DC. They package something up; give it a pretty name, but it's still the same old dirt. They just keep changing the packaging.


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