Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin' and I've been thinkin'.
I really like for folks to read my stuff and it's quite alright if you want to copy it and put it in an email and send it to all your friends. It would be alright even they wanted to forward it to all their friends. Just do me one favor, don't promise them anything, don't threaten them with dire circumstances, and don't try to guilt trip them into forwarding it.
I get a lot of good stuff forwarded or sent to me and I like a whole lot of it. Some of it is Christian material that I really get a blessin' out of until I reach the bottom and it says if you really love Jesus you will forward this to all your friends. I've got a news flash for you, I love Jesus, and it ain't got nothin' to do with forwardin' emails and I reckon Jesus don't want me trying to guilt trip others into loving Him either.
I get some patriotic material that questions my love of America if I fail to forward it to all my friends. Folks, I've been thinkin', one of the things I love about America is that it is a free country.
I get stuff that promises me good luck if I send it on or bad luck if I don't send it. Good Luck is two four letter words, I reckon you can replace them with two other four letter words and get the same results, Hard Work.
One last thing, Don't send chain text messages on cell phones. It usually don't mean anything and it uses up people's minutes. I got me a new phone and every hour or so someone who I don't even know sends me a text message. I have been wondering how to deal with this and have decided that if it persists I am going to publish their numbers (that's all I get is a number not a name) and then take out a few free adds asking people to call that number(preferably between midnight and 6 am. If enough people call them maybe they will get a new phone and change their number and lose mine.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. I appreciate ya'll readin' this and if you want to forward it to someone else its okay. If you don't I don't reckon it will hurt none and if you do it won't make you a better American, and by the way, I love Jesus and ain't no email or text message goin' to change that.


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