Wednesday, March 11, 2009


R.E. Cline here with your couch potato report. We all need CPR from time to time.
Well the dry spell is almost over. It's March and the NCAA tournament is almost ready to begin. I might survive if I can overcome the TMI (Too Much Information) syndrome that has engulfed me. Since the sports events have been limited and the commercials have been kind of bland- McDonalds does have a pretty good fillet of fish commercial- I have stooped to having to watch lots of news.
Since watching the news lately I have had an overdose of information on certain topics.
The woman who kept a chimpanze the size of a volkswagon as a pet and treated him like her child.
The woman who keeps having babies 6 or 8 at a time and how she is coping with the situation.
The economy!
The Presidents cabinet appointments and their tax problems.
The economic stimulus package that isn't stimulating the economy.
The Oscars.
I could probably think of a few more but the news is about to come on. If the tournament doesn't start soon I am afraid I will be watching C-span.
I'm R.E. Cline with your couch potato report.


  1. March Madness is the best of the choices you provided.

  2. and crooks in the government, is that news, did we not know that? Are we shocked by it?


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