Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
During the election we kept hearin' all about Joe the Plumber and what was goin' to be done for him. Since the election I ain't heard no more about Joe the Plumber than I have Sarah Palin.
With the downward spiral in real estate and people not buildin' new homes I can only speculate what could have happened to Joe the Plumber. I expect it could also be effecting Bill The Butcher, Ralph the Roofer, Carl the Carpenter, Paul the Painter and everyone except for Bob the Banker.
I have a funny feeling that Joe the Plumbers business went down the toilet due to the economy. He, being an honest and industrious sort is flipping burgers and working nights as a security guard but is still unable to keep up his mortgage payments, even though he was smart enough to get a fixed mortgage that a skilled worker like himself should have been able to afford.
He is very depressed as he watches the news and sees the big wig bankers getting bonuses while he awaits foreclosure.
I've been thinkin' why don't somebody interview Joe the Plumber now and ask him how he feels about the big shot bailouts the President and congress are handin' out like candy at Halloween. That's what I think, whatchall been thinkin. Ya'll leave me a comment of write me an email to bo@bolumpkin.com or bolumpkin@gmail.com.


  1. Maybe "Sam the Spender" will take care of him in one of the stimulus packages. I should have put uncle in front of Sam.

  2. I read an email today with a stimulus solution: give all 40 million workers over 50 a million dollars to retire early. that would free up 40 million jobs.

    require them to buy houses or pay off mortgages. that would solve the housing problem. And most of the banking problem

    make them all buy a new American made car. that would solve the car crisis.

    The economy would then be on track.


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