Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
Burt and Kurt were sittin' under the shade tree the other day when Old Odis went drivin' by with his window down and waved at them. As you know Old Odis can really stretch the truth. We mostly don't come right out and accuse him of lying though, that is except for Kurt and Burt. Every time they see him they kind of pick at him about being the biggest liar in the state.
When Old Odis drove by Kurt hollered at him and said, "He Odis, stop for awhile and tell us a lie."
Odis slowed down almost to a stop and said, "I ain't got time right now. Some feller from out of town was getting one of them hairstyles at Perty Primper and Bernice caught his hair on fire with the blow dryer and throwed water on him to put it out and the hair dryer was in his lap and it electrocuted him." He then drove off toward the Perty Primper as fast as his old truck would go.
Kurt and Burt both jumped up and ran the half mile to the Perty Primper and busted through the door. By the time they got there Old Odis was sittin' in the chair and Bernice was startin' to trim his hair. Burt and Kurt were both puffin' and blowin' and when they finally caught their breath they asked, "Whut in the world did you tell us that for?"
Old Odis was settin' there grinnin' like a possum eatin green persimmons, "Ya,ll asked me to stop and tell you a lie and I was in a hurry so I figured I'd jist tell you one and keep on drivin."
Burt and Kurt kind of pouted around for a day or too but they finally got to where they could laugh about it. They might as well have, everyone else in town was cause Bernice had a ball tellin' it to everyone she saw.

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