Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taller Than That

Hi yall, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. When deer huntin' season opens it sure does liven up the conversation down at the Grab Sum Grub. Everybody wants to talk about deer huntin'. I even like to talk about it myself, I don't hunt much now. I ain't near as mad at 'em as I used to be I reckon.
Huntin' has changed considerable since I was a young man. We enjoyed it back then but what we really enjoyed most was havin' deer meat on the table. I know the proper name for deer meat is venison but I didn't know it then. Back then it was just deer meat and I still think of it that way.
Somewhere along the way folks quit huntin' deer for the meat and started huntin' for horns. Them horns don't even make good soup but some folks are just right proud of them. They brag about how wide a spread they were and how long the main beam was and all that. They even have professional folks that will measure them and give them a certain number of points.
Me and Old Odis was sittin' and listening to a bunch of them talk about these trophy racks they was collectin' and having mounted and hanging on their walls in their mobile homes. Old Odis lives in an old converted bus down by the river and I reckon he has killed more game and caught more fish than anyone I know but he still does it for the meat. One of them was talking about killing an 8 point with a twenty inch spread. He knew Odis probably had killed more deer than everyone else in the room but he also knew Odis wasn't a trophy hunter. "Odis," he said, "I'll bet you never killed a deer over twenty inches have you?"
Old Odis just got up and turned to go, "Yep, I killed lots of 'em."
The guy knew Old Odis was prone to stretch the truth and he said, "You mean you have killed a deer over twenty inches."
Old Odis just shrugged, "Shoot yeah, I've killed a lot of does taller than that," and Odis walked out the door without seeing how the other's reacted.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin', this is one time Old Odis was probably tellin' the truth. Odis still hunts for food and I reckon it don't make much more sense to rate a deer on the size of it's horns than it does to rate a man on his hat size.
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