Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
I ain't the only one whose been thinkin'. Today I want to share some comments from R.E. Cline. He is thinkin' about administerin' a little CPR- Couch Potato Report on a semi-regular basis. If he decides to do that I will put a link on my site so you can just click on it to go there. So here is a sample,

The Couch Potato Report

We are living in an amazing time especially as far as television and other news media go. We just had a president elected mostly by the media. We are in the midst of a financial crises, created mostly by the media and the problem is even their entertainment programing stinks.
I used to enjoy sit-coms. Sit-com stands for situation comedy. The problem is now that there is a whole lot more situation than there is comedy. There is not one of them on TV now that is fit for a family to sit down and watch together. Most of the so called drama shows are not much better. It seems that they take the worst of what is in the news and dramatize to make their programs. I am beginning to wonder if the writers ever settled their strike. I couldn't tell the difference when they were on strike and when they came back.
We have all always complained about commercials but I think they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. If you want to entice someone to buy your product you should at least make sure they know what you are selling. Sometimes I really don't know what is being advertised and when I do the commercials really don't make me want to go out and spend my money.
I think they really ought to get creative on some of these insurance commercials. The same company uses a green lizard in one commercial and a cave man in another. I think it would be really funny to put them both in one commercial except if he were really a caveman they would probably come on the set and find the caveman roasting the lizard on a stick.
What's with the King on the Burger King commercials. Would you really trust him around your children? I'm still trying to figure out what the deal is with the two goobers at Sonic. They must be appealing to someone, they have been selling chili dogs and tater tots for several years now.
I'm R.E. Cline, your professional Couch Potato and this is my report.

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  1. you ain't just whistlin' Dixie. Please continue to keep us informed.


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