Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can't Hold It

Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
 I told y'all I'd share some more of Leonard Gilmore's adventures as a Sanitation Engineer
(garbage collector) in the big city.
 Leonard was downright enthusiastic about his job. I was downright impressed that he was so career oriented considerin' the way he used to be. He lit right in to telling me all about his job.
 "Heck Mister Bo, I found out that us collectors know more about folks secrets than the FBI or the CIA." He had aroused my interest so I asked him what he meant.
 "Well, fer instance," he said," There is a widder woman on our route who kind of turns up her nose kind of persnickety like at everybody and especially at me and the boys on the truck. We used to be intimidated by her but not any more."
 I asked him why he wasn't still intimidated. He had a kind of silly grin on his face," We took a good look through her cans and found out she goes through three or four of them grown up diapers everyday... and we ain't about to be intimidated by a prissy woman who can't hold her own water."
 I'm Bo bumpkin and I've been thinkin'. I'm gonna be a whole lot more careful about what I throw in the garbage can from now on. Whatchall been thinkin'? Leave me a comment or send me an
email. I've got a few more stories Leonard shared with me.


  1. Hahaha... I'd never thought about that, Bo...
    'Sanitation Ops'...

  2. Yep, Robert. The special trainin' for that would be pretty rigorous.

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  4. Trash is a tell-all book. That's why I put my trash across the street with my neighbor's on pickup day.

    These stories are great, Bo!

  5. Thanks Stephen. I like the idea of puttin' your trash in front of the neighbors house. It also makes your own yard look better...especially if stray dogs get into it.

  6. Love Leonard!! More, please?!!

  7. For some reason, my Word Press ID won't work here


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