Saturday, December 15, 2012

Soap Is Cheap

Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
 I reckon we are a lot of things in America and wasteful is sure one of them.
 Leonard was tellin' me about bein' homeless and how he learned to get enough food to eat that folks throwed away to keep him from gettin' hungry.
 "When I said I get eight dollars an hour and all I can eat for workin' for the city I was jokin' a little but folks sure do throw away some pretty good stuff."
 I had noticed already that Leonard was dressed pretty good and had on a nice pair of cowboy boots.  He commenced to tell me about how he accumulated stuff, " Everything I have on was throwed away by somebody.  I ain't had to buy no furniture for my apartment since I got one and I ain't had to buy no clothes.  I even got some right pretty decorations in my place too."
 I was kind of squeamish about usin' stuff he got out of the trash and I said, "Ain't that stuff kind of dirty?"
 He just smiled and said, "Sometimes...but soap is still pretty cheap compared to clothes and furniture."
 I reckon Leonard might have just had a point.  I reckon he convinced me enough that I told him if he run across another pair of boots like his in a size 11 that I might just be interested.
 I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.  I reckon one man's trash is still another man's treasure, especially when you work on a garbage truck and you get first choice at it.


  1. I am getting ready to toss an old backpack with holes in it. I feel guilty thinking someone might make use out of it, and then I think, no one else wants a holey backpack.

  2. I hate to toss anything out too...even if it is of no use. Every once in awhile I have to break down and throw stuff away so I don't wind up on "Hoarders".

  3. Seems like it's almost a throw-away culture at this point... the moment I buy something I half expect it's gonna' already have stopped working by the time I get it back home again! If I had any sense I'd learn how to fix more stuff.


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