Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Only Hope!

Will other people be looking for Shirley to get the reward?
Will Agent Shagnasty save the day for the men in Gray?
Will Agent Crump ever get to eat lunch?
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of politicians? It seems like the Men In Gray know. Hey isn't gray the color of a shadow?
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More Rednecks. More Fun.


  1. You are reminding me of a radio program back in the 50's, The Shadow.

  2. Steve- Probably some of the younger readers would not have caught that reference.

  3. Not even the Shadow knows the evil in a politician. lol

  4. I like how that one agent is smart enough NOT to say what's on his mind. He probably looks like the smart one to everybody else. :)

  5. A $25,000 reward?! I umm ... just remembered, I have something I need to look for, er, I mean, do! :)

  6. cat, monkey, chicken goose, cream. It's turning into a veritable smorgasbord


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