Tuesday, May 5, 2009


By R.E. Cline
Well, football and college basketball are over with and about the only thing left sports wise is Nascar and the NBA playoffs. I don't watch pro baseball because it is a lot more fun to go to little league games and eat a hotdog while you watch the kids play. I did get a little boost during the NFL draft but that is over now.
There just aren't many programs on TV that really interest me. If I really like a program they usually take it off the air just about when it starts to get really good. "Jericho" was such a program. I was afraid they were going to cancel "Lost" but so far they haven't.
I started watching lost when it first started and the plane crashed on that weird island that nobody knew existed. It started out kind of strange but now it has got downright confusing.
Some of the survivors went home and then got on another airplane to try to crash and return to the island. It sort of worked except some of the people wound up in 1977 and some of them wound up in the present. People keep bouncing back and forth in time and John Lock who was dead came back to life when the plane crashed on the island. If they keep on they are going to have more people come back to life than a daytime soap opera.
I don't know if you watch the show or not but I can tell you one thing, I'm just about as lost as they are now and I just know they are going to cancel it and leave all those people stranded in different times.
This has been your Couch Potato Report because everyone needs a little CPR.


  1. I think the people in both Houses in DC have been on those planes. They are lost when it comes to common sense.

  2. that show is one of the few things David will stay up till 10:00 for. I know it comes on earlier than that but for a while it came on late for awhile, twice or something


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