Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hi I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'

R.E. Cline our resident couch potato has been thinkin' some too and one of the things he has been thinkin about is infomercials.


Well it's time for some more CPR. Couch Potato Report for those who are new around here.

Have you ever noticed that most of those items on the 30 minute infomercials have a flashing caption that says, "Not Sold In Stores". Does it surprise anyone that they are not sold in stores. If it takes 30 minutes to dupe someone into buying one of them it is pretty evident that someone is not going to pick one up by just seeing it in a store- especially not if a $10 item is being sold for just 3 easy payments of $29.99 plus shiping and handling.
It makes me wonder if anyone really buys any of that stuff. Has anyone ever sat through a whole 30 minute infomercial? What kind of dummies do they think are watching TV anyway? I didn't mind it when those things are on in the middle of the night when most folks are asleep but now they run them all weekend during the day. (Whatever happened to the Lone Ranger and Tarzan?).
I've got a whole lot more I could say but I have a lot to do. I am going to take my "Pocket Fisherman" and my "Banjo Minnow" collection and go catch me a mess of fish so I can try out my new "Ginzu Knives". Don't worry about the mess I'll make, I got secret formula cleansers to clean up my portable gas grill, my electric wok, and any mess I drop on my floor.

Until next time this is R. E. Cline with a little CPR.


  1. It almost made me want to order a Bo Dryer, or a judge.

  2. hey i got me a bo dryer and it was absolutely wonderful till the MAN come and repoed my electric dryer and used the dang thang to tie it in the back of the truck. cut it i mean with no respect for the value of it. shoulda paid the extra shipping to get the free one.


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