Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi ya'll, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I been thinkin'.
I reckon I'm one of the last people in Kudzu County to get me a cell phone. I got one of them pay as you talk deals that costs me an average of $10 dollars a month. If I am in the car and it rings I usually have to pull over to the side so I can talk. Sometimes I have to tell the caller to wait until I can find a place to pull over and I will call him back. I reckon I just ain't gifted enough to multitask while I should be drivin'.
The scary part about all that is I'm afraid there are a lot of other people who can't drive and do something else as well as they think they can.
I can see the usefulness of a cell phone (enough that I bought one myself)but I think some folks go overboard. I see folks at six o'clock in the morning at an intersection and they are talkin' on the cell phone. Who do you talk to at six o'clock in the mornin' on the phone? Who is so important for someone to talk to that they have to carry on cell phone conversations with them in public restrooms. Just some advice from old Bo, "There are some things you do that you really don't need no company for."
I saw a group of younguns once and they were all sitting around but none of them were talkin'. They were all poking the keys on their cell phones. I thought they were playin' some kind of video game until someone explained text messagin' to me. The funny thing about it was they was text messagin' people right there in the same room with them. You don't reckon people are going to completely forget how to talk do you?
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin', I do have a cell phone but I ain't about to start learnin' how to text message. I know I've been gittin' in some of your business on this one so it's fine if you want to leave me a comment and let me know whatchall been thinkin' (or textin'). Write me an email to or


  1. Re: phone calls at 6 AM. Maybe they are praying and are trying to get through before traffic gets heavy. steve


    my 14 year old was never taught cursive (script to the oldsters). If they have to write it is printed.

    vowels are becoming obsolete. (evr rd a txt?) I don't have it but I get instant messages.

    Double spaces after a sentence is incorrect.

    Typing is not even offered, now it's computer technology.

    and a land line is not the extension cord in your front yard to the street light. nor the cable your neighbors are boot-legging from you...or you from them

  3. Things shore do change. (How is that bootlegging cable done and how close do the neighbors have to be- I'm just curios is all?)

  4. haha however much cable you can get. and one of them younguns that know things what we never taught em. so says some...How would I know?


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