Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and we have another guest article from our resident Couch Potato, R.E. Cline. Ya'll need to remember him, he's havin' a real hard time of it right now.
It came in early August with the preseason games. I know they really don't count but at least it's football. September started off the regular season of both college and pro-football and it all seems like a blur. I began to get a little nervous at the end of the regular college season but at least I knew there would be a couple of dozen bowl games to watch during the holidays and the pro season was still going on.
Then the bowl games were over, no more college games, the pro season was ending and all that were left were the playoffs. My favorite teams lost their first games but there was still football. This weekend there was no football at all. My system almost went into a complete shutdown, the whole season flashed before my eyes like one long instant replay. My fingers numbed from flipping through channels only to find 30 minute infomercials and ice skating.
As I sat staring forlornly out the window, almost oblivious to all that was going on around me my wife casually asked, "When is the Superbowl?"
The blood began to flow back into my brain and it seemed that the sun came from behind the clouds. The Super Bowl. One more game. The big game. It's not over yet and I realized that there is still hope. Football ends after that final game but basketball season has already started and it is only a little over a month until the NCAA Basketball tournament. The Couch Potato's dream. Basketball from early morning until late at night for three solid weekends.
Life is still good. I have something through March and who knows, the weather might even be good enough to leave the house by then. I really wonder what it is like out there. The new president has promised change. Has the world really changed since July when I saw it last? I don't know but I guess I will find out in April when I venture out again.
R.E.Cline with the Couch Potato Report. We all need some CPR from time to time.

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  1. aw yeah bobo. some got their pink slip from whirlpool in Oxford. 60 more days. There's some hope from G.E. in the next town. (david has an interview Wed. that looks good so far) Bill O'Reily is trying to zero in on them cause of the plane crash and some nonsense that may be the truth in Iran. Our town, USA don't care about highhorses and bs we just want jobs. Let us all pray.


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