Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hi I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.I guess I am not the only one who's been thinkin'. I got these tips about shopping with the elderly from Susan.
Rule # 1...Never shop with old people. They will kill you...They never get tired but she said, "Now Susan we are going in here to find you something pretty to wear" (as opposed to what?)
Rule # 2..."It's nearly 2:00", doesn't mean omg, it means wow aren't we having fun
Rule # 3... byob coke water anything they NEVER get thirsty
Rule # 4... hold it or wear Depends not drinking anything means they don't need to use the bathroom.
I ain't a media hog. If you have something you been thinkin'about e-mail it to me and I'll try to share it with everyone.

I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
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