Thursday, June 19, 2008


Did you ever notice that some people do things to themselves that are like them hollering into a quite room, "LOOK AT ME, I AIN'T NORMAL".
I was on my way into a bait shop in Arkansas with a friend of mine when we met a wild eyed looking guy with a spiked hairdo and a lip ring as he was coming out the door. He was wearing a t-shirt with "I ain't Normal" printed across the front.
We both kind of stared at him until he got in his beat up old car and drove off. My friend and I both cracked up laughing and he said," I wonder if there is a court order somewhere to make him wear that shirt?"
Seems to me there ought to be a lot of those shirts out there but actually there are a lot of folks that don't even need a shirt.
When I see a young man with four or five earrings in each ear and a chain running from one of them to a ring in his nose I automatically think, "He ain't normal."
When I see a woman with her head shaved and a tattoo all over her head I think, "She ain't normal."
Some folks might take issue with me for trying to decide what is and what aint normal. I don't decide- polite society decides what is and what is not normal. It's just that when I see something that "ain't normal" I ain't afraid to notice it.
Maybe you have seen something you would like to tell about that "Ain't Normal" and would like to share it. Just e-mail me at I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinking.

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