Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just Thinkin'

Hi y'all, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.

We have a whole new year comin' up and I reckon the big question is what do we plan to do with it. I'm more or less a spontaneous type feller that kinda just gets up and lets the day take me where it wants to. Bein' retired sorta gives me that luxury. I do have goals though. I actually accomplished some things last year in spite of my serendipitous ways. I got my studio set up (though not quite finished) and I am makin' progress on remodelin' the Rooster Roost, my man cave. I did cut my postin' schedule back to somethin' a little more manageable. I ain't tryin' to post 20 different things a week, and I'm havin' more fun doin' it.

I have some plans for next year too. I am still goin' to work on improvin' my artwork and I am goin' to try to do a whole lot more writin'. I plan to make some videos and I still hope to do some simple animation. I want to continue to support the other webcomics and their creators and do my best to promote them because everyone has been so good and encouragin' to me.

I really appreciate all of you who have supported me and encouraged me over the past couple of years that I have been doin' this. I am goin' to be tryin' to show my appreciation a little more during the coming year. You folks have been awesome and there was a time this year (when I was havin' brain trouble) that I was about ready to quit but many of you really encouraged me and gave me a boost. I especially appreciate all of those who did guest strips for me and I plan on acknowledging that even more in future blogs.

I reckon what I've been thinkin' is that I'm gonna try to get up each day and be the best Bo Lumpkin I can be and help all the folks I can to be the best that they can be and everything else ought to take care of itself.

Whatchall been thinkin'? Leave me a comment or write me an email to bo@bolumpkin.com and bolumpkin@gmail.com. I sure do like hearin' from y'all.


  1. All we want, Bo, is for you to do what makes you happy. We love having you around and we love what you contribute to our lives, cartoons and commentary. We just don't want things to become an unpleasant chore for you. As long as you're having fun, we are too!

  2. Thanks a bunch George. Since I cut back on my schedule I have been happier than a fat hog in the sunshine and I'm really enjoyin' stuff now. It gives me a little more time to check out other people's stuff too.

  3. Are hogs happy in sunshine. I thought that's why the covered themselves in slop was to avoid the sun.

    Here's to a great 2011 Bo!!

  4. They eat slop. They cover themselves in mud and then lay in the sun and it dries on them. They look happy anyway.

  5. I agree with George Bo. Do what you need to to be happy & if health problems cause limitations don't try to over do it. Just wonderin' if you'd be better off just running one blog rather than 2. I had 2 going once before, my own & a separate one for Dixie & I just found it too time consuming so combined them both back into one. Maybe just having one would be easier for you. Just a thought though. Will keep supporting you whatever you continue to do as your efforts are always appreciated.


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