Thursday, January 20, 2011


This is a story I posted when I first started on the interwebs. I thought y'all might get a laugh out of it so I jest up and rerun it.
There are some things that make living in a community special. I guess every town or community has something that they are proud of that other places don't have. In Gatorhead we have a nice spring where we get our drinking water and water to make sweet tea with. It belongs to the city and they won't sell it to anyone because then they would start putting it in bottles and jugs and selling it. We get our drinking water and the water we make tea with free. It is a whole lot better than the water we get from the city and from private wells. A couple of years ago when Boomer was about six his mama, Maybelle, told him to go to the spring and get a jug of water so she could make some tea for supper. Boomer has always been a good boy and he's smart as he can be, completely different from his older brother Arlis. Boomer took the jug and went to the spring to get the water. Last year on one of those days we have where the men get together and clean up and fix up around town we cleared out around the spring and built up around it with some stones to keep it from getting overgrown and to make it harder for things to get into the spring. We've done all that since Boomer had his excitement. At that time it was pretty grown up around the spring with nothing but a footpath leading to it. Boomer walked up to the spring and just as he was about to get the water he saw a big old snake. He threw that milk jug at it as hard as he could and ran home as fast as his six year old legs would carry him. He ran into the house all out of breath and Maybelle asked, "What in the world is the matter with you and where is my tea water?" Gasping for breath he managed to explain with much excitement, "There was a rattleheaded cotton mouth wally moxin in that spring and I throwed the water jug at him and run home before he could bite me." Maybelle laughed and said, "That was probably just an old water snake and he was as scared of you as you were him. You should have got the water to make tea with." Boomer had finally caught his breath and answered, "If that snake was as scared of me as I was him then that water ain't fit to make tea with."

I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
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  1. That's hilarious, the wisdom of a child. :)

  2. It took me a second...I'm slow sometimes..haha

  3. Ha! Great story, Bo! Not sure if I feel like any 'special' tea, though! :)

  4. Ha Hilarious, kids say the darndest things


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