Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Colonel

This is a picture of me...as the Colonel back in 1982 before making a personal appearance. I can't remember what for. Just thought these might be interesting to look at while I catch up on the Men In Gray comic.

There is a new Gatorhead Comic up at:
More Rednecks. More Fun.


  1. Nice outfit Bo but I suddenly have an urge for Kentucky Fried Chicken...

  2. No Bearman it was fake. I have looked on the internet and I can't find any like it anymore but if someone finds some I wish they would let me know. I would love to make some videos as the Colonel.

  3. Hahaha ... Dharma looses enough hair to construct at least one full beard a day ... want me to send you a bale or two, Bo?! :)

  4. Robert-Dharma and I could go into the fake mustache and beard business. We would probably get sued by someone who is alergic to cat hair though. LOL


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