Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changing With Age

Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin.
It is amazin' how much we change over the years. What we want out of life, what we do for entertainment, all changes as we get older.
I was talkin' to an old friend the other day. In his younger days he spent most of his time either huntin' or fishin'. I think the only reason he worked was to support his huntin' and fishin'. I asked him the other day if he was getting ready to go deer huntin'.He answered, "Naw, I don't hunt much. I guess I jest ain't mad at them deer no more."
I then asked him if he had been doing much fishin', "Naw," he answered, "I pretty much always been to sorry fer much work but now I done got too sorry to hunt and fish."
I would have felt kind of sorry for him if what he said hadn't hit me so close to home.
I've heard folks say that when we get older it's time to slow down but I ain't so sure about that. We stay pretty busy with our grandchildren and then there is visiting the sick and attending funerals.
It takes a lot longer to do most stuff so that takes up more time. In old age we've accumulated more junk to keep up and more stuff to sort through before decidin' not to throw anything away.
As we get older we do go to bed a lot earlier though. We don't do that so we can get more rest. We do that so that we can get up an hour or so before daylight so we don't miss anything the next day.
I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin', things certainly do change but gettin' old ain't really so bad when you consider the alternative. I do like to be amongst my friends but I don't won't them to be peerin' in and sayin' "Don't old Bo look natural?"

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  1. I have turned doing nothing into a fine art. And if you don't keep in practice you'll lose your touch.


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