Monday, November 24, 2008


Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'. I'm always lookin' for ways to improve my output on this site. Feedback is important so I want ya'll to help me out. Be sure and send me some good stuff. I know something funny is bound to be happening to some of you or your kin. It is a whole lot easier to tell something on someone else than it is on yourself.
One of the improvements I'd like to make is to have some reader input. If ya'll know of a funny story that really happened to someone you can email it to me and I'll use it. You might just want to send me an email with some suggestions or just an opinion. If you have a really funny picture you want to share I might like to publish that. (Make it sort of original like one you or a friend took. All those that get forwarded to everyone have already been seen.)
I know this ain't Americas Funniest Home videos but if you have a funny one you have made send it and I might can use it. The purpose of this Website is to have fun and entertain.
I would like to get as many visitors to this page as possible so be sure and tell your friends about it or email it to them. I will be putting part of this on the site on a regular basis but I will try to add a comic or something new when I do. (People don't usually go into the archives to read something like this so I need to do it regular to remind everyone.)
Thank ya'll for readin' and especially thank ya'll for the comments. They are what makes it all worth the effort.

To watch my videos just go to BO LUMPKIN MOVIES and click.
You can email me at or oryou can just leave a comment by clicking on comments below.

Things have been hectic this weekend so I just decided to run this again.

Sh left this comment I want all of you to see
Don't tell me you people have no comment. I have spent time with most of you and you always comment and have opinions.


  1. While bo's thankin' he ort to ask us what we thank. Finish it with I've been thinkin'. Whatchall think? A few of us do thank sometimes but if you don't ask direct we have trouble zeroin' in on it.

  2. shoot you can even give us multiple choice. you know like
    see)ion't know


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