Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For What Ails You

Bearman from Bearman Cartoons http://beartoons.com/ has issued a challenge for us to promote his Comics and he will give big bucks to feed the hungry and to help with the recovery in Japan. That is typical of the type thing Bearman does. If it had not been for his encouragement I would have quit by now. Do yourself a favor and follow him. Tell him old Bo sent you.

Whenever I visit a webcomic I usually find that Bearman has already left a comment. Seriously if you are doing a webcomic he is a good man to know. He has been an encouragement to me more than I can ever say

http://beartoons.com/ Bearman has pledged to give some money for charity for everyone who follows his complicated guidlines and does all the things he asks his multitude of fans and groupies to do. Being a faithful fan I have tried my best to cost him as much money as possible so go on over and check out his site.

More Rednecks. More Fun.


  1. " He has been an encouragement to me more than I can ever say" That statement means more to me than the actual post.

    But I'll take the post as well..haha.

    Thanks Bo

  2. You have not only been an encouragement to me but I see your gravatar everywhere I go so I know you are encouraging others too! Thanks I really do appreciate you.

  3. Awesome! So, Lucy...my all time fave.


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