Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back To Thinkin'

Hi, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
I have been explorin' and workin' with some new things and different things for the comics and for the blog. You will still be seeing some of the old standby's with the same look but I am going to try to add some new looks to Winston, Kurt and Burt and maybe even Edna and Mildred.
I will be be posting these on the Gatorhead site on Monday's Wednesdays and Fridays... not in any particular order for each comic. I am going to use this page mostly for blogging and sharin' my thoughts on things. Also I plan to post some of my earliest videos here for those who are new and might not have ever seen the videos and I plan to make some new videos soon.
I have a lot of plans and a lotta stuff in the works but sometimes that thing called life happens while you are makin' other plans. Y'all can see what Winston has to say about Kippling if you click on the Gatorhead sign below.

More Rednecks. More Fun.


  1. I hope those plans don't include Mildred in lingerie. That would not be a pretty sight. Quick get me a gun!!!

  2. I know that anything you post is gonna' be entertaining, Bo! :)

  3. Tony_ I think that robe Mildred is wearing is the closest thing to lingerie you will ever see her in. Unload the gun and relax.
    Robert- Thanks at least it entertains me.

  4. Can't wait to see what wonderful stuff you come up with, Bo.


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