Monday, January 16, 2012

Pendants For Necklaces

These are made using copper wire and either beads or marbles.  You can either add a chain to make a necklace from them.  ( I have added chains to some of them.)

These are Cypress Knees from the Delta swamps.  I cut them into medallions and made these.  We have a lot of tourists coming through following the Mississippi Blues Trail and I thought they might want to take home a piece of Mississippi.  I also have put an eyelet in them and attached a leather chord to them to either use as a necklace or to hang somewhere.

There will be more pics later in the week.

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  1. I remember you creating some like these...There so beautiful, Bo!

  2. I really like the copper jewelry. Neat!

  3. Thanks Deb. Every one is a little different. (Mainly because I am not good enough to make two just alike.) :)

  4. Thanks Binky. I have really enjoyed makin' this stuff...and it makes it even better that people are buyin' it.

  5. For some reason on this page I have not been able to reply from my phone or even on the computer I can't reply directly to comments. I have learned that if you wait long enough most of these bugs will work themselves out.

  6. I like the copper. I work in it when I can. I never have any pieces because I forget to shoot them before they are gone!


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