Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi y'all, I'm Bo Lumpkin and I've been thinkin'.
I reckon it's time I started writin down some of what I've been thinkin'. I get busy and get behind on the drawin' and tryin' to keep up with the comics and build up my readership and all that and sometimes I just don't get around to writin' down what I've been thinkin'.
That brings me to what I've been thinkin' about. I started out makin' humorous videos (at least I thought they was funny) then I started a blog and started writin' what I was thinkin' about and then I started illustratin' some of the funnies and they turned into comics. That ended up with me startin' the Hank The Handy Man comic series as a part of the Gatorhead series. I have been havin' fun through all this and lo and behold someone comes along with the word "monetize".
I start readin' everyone else's comics and all the talented people who do web-comics are talkin' about makin' money from all this stuff. After havin' the Gatorhead Research Team do some lookin' into this I find out that some people are actually makin' a livin' at it. (I also found out that the ones makin' money advertisin' usually have more than the nine followers that I have... and they can actually draw.) Then I find out that they sell printed material (hey... I worked in a print shop for 4 years and was good at it) and they sell T-shirts (hey... I have a Heat Transfer Press in my workshop, and I used to Screen Print for a Hobby.) What I've been thinkin' is that I had better be careful. If I ain't real careful I might just wind up makin' some money and then I wonder if it would be fun anymore?
I'm Bo Lumpkin and that's what I've been thinkin'. Whatchall think about that. Leave me a comment or write me an email to bo@bolumpkin.com or bolumpkin@gmail.com


  1. As long as you continue to have fun doing it, make some money.
    Unlike government, you would be earning it.

  2. Excellent topic today Bo, but hey, we're you the guy who made the radio character Col. Beauregard J. Southbound famous back in Memphis?

  3. it's hard work makign money from comics.. I dont think it ever made anyone rich.. but well known.. definately

  4. Steve-- As long as it doesn't become a chore instead of fun, it will be okay.
    Anonymous- Yes, that was yours truly,on 56 WHBQ in Memphis, as well as once a week with Bob Dearborn on "Night Time America" from New York.
    Tracy-- That is just what I always wanted... to be poor and famous.

  5. Hey Bo, there are many disgruntled comics out there peeved with the small cut they get from t-shirt sales.You might be on to something if you can produce quality tees and give a bigger cut to the artists :)

  6. It's great not just fun to get paid while doing what you love. Here is another way of HavinFunMakinMoney


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